Never Underestimate God

Maybe you’re like me, feeling like you wish you could fully live. There’s a constant nagging at my heart that attempts to pull me into a swampy wallowing of self-pity and of bemoaning my lot. I’ve been walking a journey of being chronically, mysteriously ill for what feels like forever, and the hardest part is seeing everyone seemingly go on with their “normal” or “perfect” lives while I’m stuck in sickness, wishing I were better and wondering what I’m doing wrong. Am I really energetically “drawing this in,” as many new-age thinkers seem to believe? Do I subconsciously have a deep desire to remain ill, as if for some self-seeking purpose? Am I crazy? Why can’t I feel healthy?

Alas, I  can’t stay there lest I shrivel up into a fetal-positioned ball and think myself into a dark depression. No, in the most emotionally-charged, you’re-still-sick-and-struggling-look-how-much-money-you-owe-lenders moments throughout my day, I must cling to the promises found in God’s word. I wish people would speak life into me like this regularly, but no one seems to have the words. Since the encouragement is not “out there,” I’ve learned I must sing it loudly and lovingly to myself. I’ve learned to never underestimate God.

Maybe you need some encouragement in your walk through illness or your seemingly insurmountable, heart-crushing trials today. I know I do.

Dearest Friend,

My heart and prayers are with you during this arduous time in your life. I am lifting you up mightily to the Lord, asking that He would be your strength and source of ever-present comfort during your ongoing battle with chronic illness. I am praying for God to guide the minds and hands of the doctors whose care you are under, and that if it be His will, you be completely healed as quickly as possible. I know you are in pain, dealing with relentless fatigue, brain fog, digestive distress, and unrelenting emotional strain. May God be your fortress and refuge during these painful days of distress (Ps.59:16).

My sweet brother or sister in Christ, take great joy and comfort in knowing and trusting that God will not fail. With great trials, come great promises of comfort. Deuteronomy 33:27 declares that the eternal God is our dwelling place; in your darkest moments, meditate on the glorious picture of God’s shining countenance (Rev.1:16). What peace we have in our LORD, who strengthens and carries us when we are at our most feeble. Friend, I earnestly pray that God will give you the power to trust in Him at all times (Ps. 62:8), seeking peace in God’s word and casting your burdens on him through prayer. Jesus Christ is intimately acquainted with your pain, your tears, and your struggle. Hold onto the hope of healing, whether on earth or in heaven. God promises us that those who wait on Him will have their strength renewed and will mount up with wings like eagles, running and not growing weary (Is. 40:31).

We can’t understand our trials, or comprehend why God walks us through moments of deep pain, but we can wholly trust that our deepest afflictions will only lead us closer to God as we trust Him and take great joy as we, like Paul, “consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us” (Romans 8:18). Stay strong and steadfast (and cry if you need to– God is ready, waiting to catch every tear), and take heart in knowing that you are loved so very deeply by the One who created the universe and holds you in His perfect will.

With love,


Never Underestimate God


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